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The total number of Americans that have at least one tattoo exceeds 45 million. For multiple reasons, body art may become undesirable. A Q-Switched laser is the most frequently used laser for tattoo removal. 

Laser tattoo removal treatment session on patient, using picosecond technology, to break down tattoo ink into smaller particles. At a beauty and skincare clinic for aesthetic lasers.

Laser Tattoo Removal

The laser “fractures” the pigment into particles small enough for the ink to be removed using the body’s natural filtering system. The Q-Switched laser can effectively remove an array of tattoo ink colors with minimal risk. (Multiple treatments may be required).

The Spectrum Tattoo Removal offers 2-different wavelengths (1064nm and 532nm). The 1064nm reduces/removes most dark colored tattoo inks and the 532nm reduces/removes most vibrant colored tattoo inks.

Targets tattoo pigment in epidermis and in the dermis. The Q-Switched Laser “fractures” pigment into particles small enough for macrophages to remove treatment site to lymph nodes. The Spectrum Q-Switched Laser is attracted to and interacts with the tattoo ink particles.

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